Kevin Nathaniel

A visionary musician who, with voice and ancient Afrikan instruments, channels sound as a universal healing force. Together, breathing rhythms to the beat of our synchronized hearts, Kevin Nathaniel resonates songs of unity and the “big picture” of love in the grooviest ways possible! A long-time devotee of mbira, kalimba, polyphonic circle singing, drum, dance, meditation, and yoga; a world-traveled music healer sharing the musical medicine of the ancient, the now, and the beyond, Kevin Nathaniel brings a fresh, deep experience of the beauty of sound.

Kevin Nathaniel’s music is an invitation for all to come together, to share in song, laughter, positivity, movement, prayer, and breath.

He tours solo and/or with ensemble depending on event, performing in major concert halls, festivals, music clubs, ceremonies, etc. He often plays in the shamanic healing world as many experience mystical, spiritual, and healing vibrations in the music he shares. He also conducts music workshops/playshops for polyphonic circle singing, breath rhythms, body music and movement, mbira, kalimba, rattle percussion, and instrument playing or building.

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Mbira Sanctuary
Mbira Magical

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Spirit Ensemble
Heritage O.P.
Heritage O.P.
Bright Sayings

Kevin Nathaniel and Hasan Bakr – music project from 1988

Village Meditations

Kevin Nathaniel and Atiba Kwabena – from 6 years ago

African Voices

African Voices (Narada 1996)

The Peace Now Dept

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Afrika meets India

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Afro Roots Tuesdays

Afro Roots Tuesdays is a music series that features great live music every other Tuesday night. Afro Roots acknowledges this common thread of all of humanity. In a sense we are saying “human roots”. We have a strong commitment to artistry, to life, to culture, to dancing, to community, and to healing. We have a strong commitment to keeping culture alive and available to all, regardless of income.

The series is in its in fourth year of amazing concerts and due to the rising expense of maintaining the series, we are now at the crucial point of having to go to our community and ask for their kind support in the form of community sponsors who “keep the roof” on Afro Roots Tuesdays so we can keep movin’ and groovin’.

We ask that you please follow the link to contribute monthly to Afro Roots Tuesdays at any rate you feel comfortable with. You get to “vote” with your dollar to keep Afro Roots alive. The options begin at $1/month, or more. And $1/month will have a huge impact and go a long way to keep Afro Roots Tuesdays thriving. As a community sponsor for Afro Roots, you become one of the “producers” of the series and your contribution will be acknowledged.

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